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"Are the High fuel prices and the low freight pay slowly putting you out of business?"

"Does your engine have the EGR cough?"

That’s where I was just  months ago when diesel was at $3.00 per gallon...

Out of that desperation and the bleak future profitability. I did what any red blooded American would do…Solve the problem of poor fuel economy on the Detroit diesel.

Do you want to stay in the trucking business?

If you want to get up to 1 or more miles per gallon of diesel, then the EGR Tuner is the answer.
This simple safe device saves me over $100 dollars per day on fuel!
The return on this investment could be as fast as 2 weeks or 3,853 miles

This is the first, the only, the original patented EGR tuner on the market.

There are no electrical connections required, No emission disabling or modifications.
 You will not get codes or de-rating. Your Truck remains completely emission legal.

Installation takes as little as 1 hour of your time with minimum tools.
If the EGR tuner should ever fail for some reason you are right back to the miles per gallon you had before it was installed.

So if you have a Detroit EGR engine from 2003 to 2007:

This is a no brainier, so order now, as the production is limited. As our government imposes new increased taxes on small business, this will limit the production quantities available of this product as well.


Contact me by phone at 1-208-250-5910  from 7am to 7 pm mountain time if you have questions 




P.S.  If you have a Cummins, no worries, The EGR tuner is under development. So check back soon. But while you’re here Read my “Best Bang for the Buck” for improving your fuel economy in the order of cost out of pocket.